Grab a Coffee at These 7 Leaside Cafés

Grab a Coffee at These 7 Leaside Cafés

  • Giulia Gallina
  • 07/23/22

Leaside is a trendy, upscale neighborhood in Toronto that’s popular with young people and long-term residents alike. It’s just minutes away from downtown, which makes it one of the most ideal communities in the city for young professionals as well as families.

Those who buy Leaside homes for sale will find themselves living in a wonderful neighborhood surrounded by parks and open spaces, while inside its borders there are many great cafés and antique shops, as well as fun attractions such as skateparks and trampoline parks.

Oh, and coffee! There are several great coffee shops both in and around Leaside that will satisfy the urge of anyone who likes a refreshing start to their morning or even later in the day. Many of these great coffee shops also sell pastries and heartier fare. There are traditional coffee shops as well as new ones, which have attracted a loyal following because of their excellent service, welcoming atmosphere, and the variety of coffees they serve from around the world.

Moving to Leaside

If the thought of living in Leaside real estate intrigues you, hire a great real estate agent and inform them of your wants and needs for your next home so they can narrow down the list of appropriate properties for you to consider. According to Zillow, the median price of homes in Leaside is around $1.9 million. Prices continue to rise and inventory continues to shrink, which is why the guidance of a savvy real estate agent is essential to get you into a residential unit. Buyers are advised to get into the market as soon as possible to avoid being priced out. Once you’ve settled into a great home in this wonderful neighborhood, it’s time to start looking for that perfect cup of java.

Himalayan Coffee House

Photo courtesy of Himalayan Coffee House
People who have purchased Leaside homes for sale rave about the unique latte art and the friendly service at the Himalayan Coffee House, which makes it one of the best of its kind in Leaside. Many people have become regulars at this cozy coffeehouse, which is located in a charming brick building, in large part because of the designs that the baristas make on top of the lattes. The latte art originated as a marketing strategy and it worked, with Instagram and word-of-mouth attracting many customers who want to see what all the fuss is about.

Customers never know what art they’re going to get on their delicious lattes. Sometimes it’s simple animals like dogs, bears, and bunnies, and sometimes it’s Hello Kitty or Super Mario. That’s the fun about coming to the Himalayan Coffee House, which also serves other coffee drinks as well as pastries and other light fare. It’s worth a visit to the coffee house’s Instagram page for a preview of both the lattes and the art.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma Espresso Bar in Leaside Village is another popular coffee shop known for its fast, friendly service. Aroma Espresso Bar is based in Israel and is well-known for its espresso and coffee. Besides the great beverages, Aroma Espresso Bar has a menu packed with gourmet items, pastries, and confections. Aroma Espresso Bar is located in a modern setting, allowing customers to enjoy an atmosphere that’s clean, airy, and bright.

Mon K Patisserie

Photo courtesy of Mon K Patisserie
Mon K Patisserie is both a unique and quaint little coffee housing that serves a unique blend of Japanese and French cakes, desserts, and other baked goods along with a steaming cup of coffee. The wide range of treats includes cream puffs, croissants, baguettes, quiches, whole cakes, and many other delightful goods favored by people who have bought Leaside condos for sale. This is takeout only, so be prepared to indulge in your purchases elsewhere.

Marvel Coffee Co.

Owners of Leaside real estate love starting their day at Marvel Coffee Co., which offers a full range of locally-roasted coffees and espressos as well as a tantalizing selection of pastries and cookies. This coffee shop is modern, sleek, and bright, which makes it a favorite of the morning crowd. There is also indoor and outdoor seating.

Goat Coffee Co.

Photo courtesy of Goat Coffee Co.
You can certainly get a great cup of coffee or espresso at the Goat Coffee Co., but you can also get a lot more. This uniquely named café serves a wide range of lighter fare such as pastries, breakfast dishes, sandwiches, soups, and salads. The eccentric name comes from an Ethiopian legend involving a young goat herder, a monk, and the magic aroma of coffee beans. Customers can learn about this legend as they enjoy the wonderful coffee and bites to eat in this trendy space complete with Edison bulbs hanging over reclaimed wood tables.

Mofer Coffee

Photo courtesy of Mofer Coffee
This wonderful coffee house is just a short drive away in Danforth and is quickly making new fans with its warm ambiance and delicious coffee from beans grown in Ethiopia and air-roasted in Toronto. Those who have recently purchased Leaside homes for sale and begun exploring the coffee scene find the atmosphere of Mofer Coffee puts customers at ease with its relaxed lighting, natural wood finishes, and exposed ductwork in the ceiling. Mofer Coffee is the perfect place to go for people who want to sit in single seats toward the back and work on their laptops, or with a group at one of the large wooden tables near the big windows.

Royaltea Coffee

Photo courtesy of Royaltea Coffee
Just a short drive from Leaside, Royaltea Coffee stands out since it’s female-owned. It specializes in serving ethically-sourced coffee from local farmers in Kenya and has a menu made up of sandwiches and baked goods, which are served in a cozy, well-lit shop where houseplants help set a comfortable atmosphere.

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