The 7 Best Daycare Centers in Leaside

The 7 Best Daycare Centers in Leaside

  • Giulia Gallina
  • 08/12/22

Located northeast of downtown Toronto, Leaside is a bright and burgeoning community. Known for its upscale vibe, abundant green spaces and parks, and gorgeous homes, it is no wonder that this neighborhood is a favorite among locals. Here, prospective homebuyers can discover a plethora of cozy coffee shops, delicious eateries, and independent businesses. With its distinct charm and character, Leaside is a welcoming community for people from all walks of life.
One of the most popular neighborhoods in Toronto, Leaside is filled with amazing schools and fun things to do for the whole family. Whether you are contemplating moving to the area to take that job you have always wanted, to be closer to family, or simply for a change of pace, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for you and your family in Leaside. No doubt, as you consider starting the home searching process, you want to know what Leaside has to offer for your little ones. What daycares are available in the area? What one is the best fit for your family and your wonderful child? Here is a glimpse into the seven best daycares in the Leaside area. Known for their top-notch service, raving reviews, attentive care, and outstanding staff, these daycares certainly know how to leave a positive impression.

1. ABC Academy

Photo courtesy of ABC Academy
Welcome to the ABC Academy! What makes this daycare special and stand out from the rest? The academy prides itself on its thriving commitment to fostering each child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity by encouraging them to experience and explore the world around them. In a safe and loving environment, your little ones will learn to develop their senses, interact with one another and their teachers, and sharpen important life skills.
From the indoor gym facilities to music and French programs, your child will soak up the plethora of learning opportunities all around them. ABC Academy focuses on each individual child, provides healthy and locally sourced meals from nearby Toronto farms, and has a well-equipped staff who are excited to help your child reach their full potential. With its guided playtime, tight-knit community, and monthly emphasis on building different character traits, this daycare center truly knows how to excel.

2. Leaside Daycare

Officially founded in 1971, the brilliant Leaside Daycare is known for its top-quality care and shining reputation. Here, you can rest assured that your sweet little one will receive the absolute best care and be surrounded by attentive, engaging staff. Their mission statement beautifully encapsulates what this daycare center offers, saying, “We recognize that every child is a human being worthy of respect and strive to provide the environmental tools and experience required for each child to grow and develop his/her individual potential.”
From their warm and caring atmosphere to the consistent communication with parents, Leaside Daycare is dedicated to making each day a five-star one for your child. Additionally, there are an array of exciting programs and events that take place. Whether it be the much-loved holiday party, field trips, class pictures, or graduation ceremonies, each and every moment is celebrated. If you are looking for the right daycare center for your child, then go ahead and schedule a visit today! The teachers and staff at Leaside look forward to meeting you and welcoming your precious child.

3. Kindercircle Day Care

Your child will feel right at home at Kindercircle! This licensed daycare center focuses on caring for children ages three-years-old to 30 months. With programs that emphasize childhood development, respectful interactions, and play-based learning, Kindercircle partners alongside parents and families to provide the utmost care for each and every child. Are you interested in more information? Feel free to check out the website or contact Kenna Paul to see if Kindercircle is the right fit for you and your family.

4. Midtown Tiny Tots

With the Albert Einstein quote, “play is the highest form of research,” across their home website page, Midtown’s philosophy of child care is quite clear. Here, they pride themselves on creating a safe, creative, and inspiring environment for your child to learn and explore. They offer a range of excellent services such as full-day child care, the activity center, kids camps, and birthday parties and special events. Whether you are looking to enroll your child full or part-time, there is something amazing for everyone. Plus, the activities and events provide a natural way for you to get to know other parents in your new community.
Ages start at six months and range to four years old. Curated especially for this youngest group, the Tiny Tots program focuses on developing holistic growth. This includes fine motor skills, speech and language, sensory play, and socialization. Midtown provides a nurturing atmosphere for your child to learn, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, structured learning activities conducive to age level, and stellar teachers who are dedicated to caring for your little one.

5. Purple Tree Child Care

Photo courtesy of Purple Tree Child Care
Welcome to Purple Tree! With both full and part-time programs, this center provides for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Situated in Davison Village, this warm and friendly center focuses on everything from a dynamic teaching curriculum to small classes. Because of their low student-to-teacher ratio, they are able to offer attentive and intimate environments for learning. They seek to create an atmosphere that is instructional, listens well, encourages asking questions, and is ideal for social interactions between both students and teachers.
The facility is a large, renovated house that has a beautiful yard filled with flowers and vegetable gardens. This unique outdoor space gives students the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the sunshine. Additionally, a shining element of Purple Tree is its commitment to giving back to the community. They do this in a variety of ways such as the Halloween Candy Drop, bake sales for charities, Blessings in a Backpack, and more. Featured services include full-day, nursery school, and summer camp. If you are looking for a center with a lot of heart, an emphasis on service, and a personal environment, then look no further! Go to their website to contact them for more information, or apply today for your child’s spot at this vibrant center.

6. Tiny Explorers Academy

With locations in both Beltline and Roncesvalles, Tiny Explorers offers daycare and preschool. Here, your child will receive top-notch care and education through organic meals and snacks, friendly materials and learning activities, and engaging events. Whether it is the well-equipped playground or the ability for parents to check in on their children via webcams, Tiny Explorers seeks to create a loving and inspiring atmosphere for children. Other activities include French, nature walks, music and movement, yoga, and more.
The staff is made up of trained and expert Registered Early Childhood Educators who are dedicated to providing quality care for each child. Working alongside your little one, they strive to cultivate an environment that is conducive to growth. The programs and activities are designed tools to inspire your child’s imagination, encourage their creativity, and help them safely explore the world around them in a guided space. This spacious, modern, and clean center is the perfect place for children to have positive interactions with their fellow students, teachers, and caretakers. With their quality programs, easy access to the outdoors, and eco-friendly practices, Tiny Explorers truly knows how to excel. Plus, with their location being on the Beltline trail, your child can connect with the outdoors and learn about nature.

7. MakerKids

Photo courtesy of MakerKids 
There is no place truly like MakerKids! Rated as #1 for Kid’s Programs by Toronto Magazine, this passionate and upbeat center knows how it’s done. They offer in-person weekly programs, birthday parties, camps, and PA days. With a focus on subjects and topics like robotics, coding, and Minecraft, MakerKids is committed to fostering the creative and imaginative spirit in each child. They are dedicated to honing real-world technical skills, teaching through hands-on and learning-by-doing methods, and positive social interactions and communication skills. If your child loves science or technology and enjoys hands-on learning, MakerKids might be the perfect fit! Contact for more information or to schedule a tour.
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