How to Decorate Your Danforth Village Home for Winter

How to Decorate Your Danforth Village Home for Winter

  • Giulia Gallina
  • 02/10/22

With winter underway, now is a great new time to redecorate your Danforth Village home. Toronto may be one of the biggest cities in North America, but Danforth Village is defined by quaint townhomes that are perfectly suited to stand out during this time of year. Whether you want to flip Danforth Village real estate or are planning on living here permanently, decorating and changing the style of the interior can increase value and give your home a new dimension. This can be a nice change of pace, a way to look like you’re somewhere new while still giving you that familiar feeling of home.

Traditional decor

This decoration style is the perfect way to really lean into the history of Toronto while giving your Danforth Village home an inviting feeling. Many Danforth Village homes are storied, rustic homes nestled between the skyscrapers of Toronto. A home with traditional decor has the ability to send you from the city into a country cottage the second you step through the door.

This style of decorating is defined by a neutral palette that allows accessories to really pop, wood paneling, and antique furniture that makes the home look elegant yet homey. Light brown fabric for the antique furniture will match the wood paneling in a way that looks warm and cozy. Maybe there’s a red quilted blanket folded over the back of the couch inviting you to curl up with a book and read as you glance out the window and watch the snow float past a streetlight. 

This style can transform a big city house into something that matches the season. Imagine that you’ve just had a difficult commute home from your job in Toronto. The sun has set a little too early for your liking and it’s bitterly cold outside. The short walk from the subway station to your front door is made all the more difficult when the snowfall is so thick you can barely see where you’re going. But then, you open the front door and feel the warmth of the fire. The light from an antique lamp is reflecting off of the hardwood floors, giving the whole room a comforting glow. You sit on the couch and sip some hot chocolate as your feet rest on a colorful rug. Are you living in a Hallmark Christmas movie? It certainly seems like it thanks to some traditional decor.

Modern interior

Or maybe you want to go to the other end of the spectrum. You’re a modern person living in a modern city and you want your Danforth Village home to reflect that. If this is what you want, go with a modern interior. You’ll want neutral colors and clean, crisp shapes; ideally a white or gray for both the furniture and the paint on the walls since, although the home will have an almost professional look, you still want it to be open and inviting. Rather than a curvy antique couch, you’d want a sectional with square cushions. In order to achieve a modern look, the simpler the better, almost bordering on minimalism.

The greatest benefit of a modern interior is the kitchen. A silver, reflective refrigerator stands on top of a tile floor next to a granite or chrome countertop. The cabinets give the kitchen an open feel as you’re able to look past the glass cabinet doors with a silver outline and see the glassware. Changing these things in your kitchen may start to border on renovation rather than redecorating, but there’s still so much you can do to give your Danforth Village home a modern interior design without having to hire a contractor. This can be as simple as getting new furniture like a couch or a refrigerator or changing the color of the paint on the walls. Move some of those antiques or coffee table accessories out of your living room and replace them with some artwork on the wall that will stand out against the neutral colors.

Something about a modern interior exemplifies “valuable” and decorating your Danforth Village home in this way can go a long way towards increasing its value. This style is most suited for any of the condominiums in the high-rises of Danforth Village, though it can work with a townhouse, too. 

Danforth Village real estate as a primary home

If you’re planning on staying in your Danforth Village home for the foreseeable future, then by all means make the design your own. Mix and match aspects of different interior design styles until it feels right to you. Have a modern living room to entertain guests and a rustic home office full of dark woods and exposed stone. It’s your space—make it your own.

Danforth Village real estate to flip

If you’re looking at buying Danforth Village real estate in order to flip it and make a profit, then decorating is one of the easiest ways to increase the home’s value. By simply coordinating the colors of the walls with the furniture and arranging everything in a way that makes sense for the space, you can increase the value of a Danforth Village home. Even something as simple as cleaning up the lawn of your home or planting a tree can increase its value, so imagine the difference it’ll make when you give your home a cohesive look or arrange the furniture in a way that makes it look like it has more square footage. You can give your home the look of a renovation without ever having to lift a hammer.

If you’re ready to get started with the process of buying or selling your Danforth Village home, contact trusted local realtor Giulia Gallina for assistance throughout the entire process.

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